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RC C017-1046 (NEW# D017-1046) RICCAR 8955 NOZZLE HOUSING (BLACK) L-K TOP-SHF (8955)
RICCAR 8955 UPRIGHT NOZZLE HOUSING HOOD (BLACK) (notice part may vary form photo although you will receive the same type part. New genuine black 8955 nozzle housing from our vintage stock.We know that the decals and placement of letters may be different from the one you regionally have,although Riccar made some changes to the there look from time to time. but this nozzle housing will fit any of the 8955 models and may fit some other models of a different color.) IF you should have any questions about this or any products we sell,please contact us us by email or phone number listed on the site. Thanks for Viewing,We appreciate your business.
FQ 96211(88211) FILTER QUEEN ELBOW NECK RETAINER L-I SHF-2 BIN-14 (99A,AN95X 112C, D33,M36055)
Filter Queen neck retainer Housing, Black Elbow 88/96/99/99A Power Nozzle Fits the following models. Filter Queen 99 (Black) Triple Crown With Power Nozzle CA96 Filter Queen 99A (Black) Triple Crown With Power Nozzle CA96 Filter Queen 31X (Brown) With Power Nozzle 48 or 88 Filter Queen D31X (Brown) With Power Nozzle 48 or 88 Filter Queen D33 (Brown) With Power Nozzle 48 or 88 Filter Queen AN95X (Dark Gray) Majestic With Power Nozzle 96 Filter Queen AN95X (Dark Gray) Majestic With Power Nozzle 96 Ca THANKS FOR VIEWING,WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS
O-097723051 ORECK FAN HOUSING XL-21 (L-I) SF-12 BIN-3 (XL, 21)
ORECK FAN HOUSING XL-21. (Fan Housing, New Design 1-Pc W/Fan XL21)
The Oreck fan housing with spring thread is designed to fit the 2000 Series model vacuums. Fits the Following models. Oreck XL2260RS Oreck XL2310RS Oreck XL2310RSF Oreck XL2310RD Oreck XL2330HS Oreck XL2330RS Oreck XL2330RD Oreck XL2740RD Oreck 2000HH Oreck 2000RH Oreck 2000RS Oreck 2100HH Oreck 2100RH Oreck 2100RS Oreck 2200RS Oreck 2300RS Oreck 2400RS Oreck 2500RH Oreck 2600HH Oreck 2700HH Oreck 2800H2B Oreck 2800H2W Oreck 3600HH Oreck 3600RH Oreck 3610HH Oreck 3800H2B Oreck 3900H2B Oreck 3910H2B Oreck 4070H2L Oreck 4080H2B Oreck 4080H2R Oreck 4080H2Y Oreck 4090H2B Oreck 4090H2G Oreck 4090H2T Oreck 4090H2P Oreck 4120H2B Oreck 4120H2P Oreck 4120H2R Oreck 4490HH
OR-097723051 Fan Housing, New Design 1-Pc W/Fan XL21 (OR-097723051)
Oreck XL21 Upright Cleaner Fan Housing Assembly. Fits Oreck XL21, including; Oreck XL21-600ECC, Oreck XL21-600ECB, 7264, XL21-700ECB XL21 Platinum, U7010ECS, 00ECB, 600ECC, 700ECC, 700ECB, 700ECP, 750ECB,750ECT and U7070EC4. Black The housing assembly includes; housing with fan, bag spring (riveted in place on housing), felt motor seal, thrust waher and lock washer OEM #09-99230-51
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