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KO P2600 (P2600) Shampooer Polisher, 144oz 2 Speed T Handle 4.2Amp (P2600)
The Koblenz Cleaning Machine Floor Shampooer/Polisher is exclusively designed to clean rugs, carpets and hard floors. It scrubs, polishes, waxes and shampoos all kinds of surfaces with professional results and little effort. With an all-metal construction, the hard floor cleaning machine in chrome/black offers durable performance. featuring a powerful 4.2-amp motor and full-width bronze gears, the polisher delivers outstanding performance. It features a rugged t-bar grip design for superior cleaning performance. for added functionality, this hard floor cleaner comes with twin brushes, two cleaning speeds, one pair of shampoo brushes, one pair of green scrubbing pads, one pair of tan polishing pads and one pair of lambs wool buffing pads. you don't have to make do with only picking up the dry debris from your rug when you vacuum it and only get it deeply washed when you pay to have it professionally cleaned. now, shampoo and polish as often as you like, with about the same amount of effort that you would spend vacuuming now, shampoo and polish as often as you like, with about the same amount of effort that you would spend vacuuming Powerful 4.2-amp motor 144oz Tank capacity 2 Speeds Full width bronze gears for extra long life All-metal construction Includes: shampoo brushes, scrub brushes, buffing pads, scrubbing pads, lambswool pads 1 Year warranty
KO P2500 (P2500) Polisher, Shampoo 12Ooz 3 Speed 4.2 Amp W/Chemical (P2500)
The Koblenz P-2500 is a high performance vacuum cleaner with bronze gears that provides you with great reliability and dependability. The 4.2 amp motor of this Koblenz floor cleaner allows you to clean rough and difficult surfaces very easily. The 12-inch cleaning path of this Koblenz vacuum cleaner enters tight and narrow places to give you better results. The Koblenz P-2500 has twin rotating brushes that help you to collect deep down dust and dirt. The 2 point out-board pivot of this Koblenz floor cleaner provides you with improved durability and better control. Heavy duty 4.2 amp motor/1100 rpm 120 oz. Tank capacity 3 Speeds Full width bronze gears for extra long life Complete accessory kit - includes 1 pair shampoo brushes, 1 pair scrubbing brushes, 1 pair tan polishing pads, 1 pair lambswool buffing pads, 1 carpet & fabric shampoo 8.11 oz, 1 heavy duty cleaner 8.11 oz and 1 neutral cleaner 8.11 oz 1 Year warranty
KO P1800 (P1800) Polisher, 2 Speed 4.2 Amp W/ Brushes/Pads (P1800)
Description Koblenz Commercial Polisher P-1800: The Cleaning Machine P-1800 is a commercial style Koblenz twin brush machine for home use. Featuring the powerful two speed 4.2 amp all metal motor, this model comes with all of the Koblenz standard accessories for hard floor care (see list below). The P-1800 does not the dispenser, but can be equipped with dry-powder shampoo brushes. This rugged unit includes a T-bar handle with grips for increased stability and ease of use during extended cleaning sessions and carpet cleaning. The P-1800 also has a chromed die cast metal housing for superior wear resistance and beautiful looks. 2-Speeds 450 Watt motor "T" bar handle Polished metal housing 1 Pair each: Scrub brushes, Buffing pad, Scrubbing pad, Lambswool pad 1 Year warranty 20 inch 1.5 HP
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