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Wood pecker hardwood/laminate cleaner concentrate. *Sparkling clean floors Thank you for viewing, we appreciate your business!!
Woodpecker Advantage Plus Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care Kit (FLOOR KIT)
For "Streak Free" cleaning of all hardwood and laminate floors. Quick and easy to use. Keeps floors sparkling clean! The Complete Advantage Plus Kit comes with: 1 Custom Designed Applicator, 1 Woodpecker Terry Bonnet (White), 1 Woodpecker Non-Abrasive Scrub Pad, 1 Heavy Duty Metal Handle (Green), 1 Bottle (755 ml/26 oz) of Woodpecker "Daily Care" Spray Cleaner. Customized Woodpecker Floor Care Applicator. Extra wide base and light weight for ease of use. Low profile 360° swivel hinge for cleaning around furniture and chairs. Locking hinge and hanging swivel cap for easy storage. 755 ml / 26 oz bottle of Woodpecker Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner Easy to use fine mist spray bottle. A custom fit, reversible, washable, long lasting Woodpecker "Terry Bonnet". Unique "Non Abrasive" Scrub Pad (attached to the bottom of our Woodpecker Floor Care Applicator) for removing tough stains. Also spectacular on Vinyl, Ceramic & Cork Floors. THANKS FOR VIEWING. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS
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