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TA 12DN Schmetz Universal Twin Needle (SIZE# 12) LOC-S SHF-10 BIN-10 (FITS MOST HOUSEHOLD MACHINES.)
Schmetz Universal Twin sz2.0/80 Schmetz 130/705 H ZWI Twin Universal Needles are constructed with two needles mounted on a single shaft. These needles can be used with zig-zag sewing machines that thread front to back. The twin needle creates two rows of stitches simultaneously. There is only one twin needle per pack; however, the assorted pack contains three different twin needles. Please Note: In order to use a Twin Needle, your machine must have a front or top loading bobbin, a zig-zag stitch, AND the flat side of the needle shank faces the back of your machine. THANKS FOR VIEWING,WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS.
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